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Reverend Alden Would Like to Sing Something Else for a Change

Walnut Grove, Minn.– In a shocking recent interview, Walnut Grove’s own beloved Reverend Alden has revealed that he is sick of singing “Bringing in the Sheaves.” 

Alden told reporters that while he was excited to sing the hymn when he first started preaching in Walnut Grove, he quickly came to regret choosing it as the ice breaker for the town. “They all just really clung on and have never let go,” according to Alden. “I like the song—nothing wrong with it. Well, apparently the town agreed a little too much. After we sang it that one time and it was popular, I thought, hey, why not put that in the next couple services too? I’m all for keeping people in the pews engaged.”

This soon became a mistake that Alden would regret. “I should have changed it up more in the early days,” he said. “Sure, occasionally I’ll throw in ‘Rock of Ages,’ ‘Amazing Grace,’ or ‘Onward Christian Soldiers,’ but I can seldomly get away with that. I see it on their faces. They’re bored. They want ‘Sheaves.’ What’s worse, it’s really the only song these people can handle. One time—I think was it when Tinker made the bell? Or maybe when everyone came back from Winoka? It all runs together for me at this point—I instructed everyone to sing ‘Joy to the World.’ They started off strong, but you could tell by the second or third verse people didn’t even know the words anymore. They were just making noise to get by until they could sit in the pews and sing ‘Bringing in the Sheaves.’”

Local man Isaiah Edwards, known for his longtime commitment to “Old Dan Tucker,” doesn’t see an issue with sticking with one song forever. According to Edwards, “If the wagon wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

When asked what he thought of Edwards’ commentary, Alden confirmed that he is unwilling to take advice from someone who has been wearing the same unwashed shirt for nine years.