The Prairie Review

Walnut Grove: Barnmuda Triangle?

Walnut Grove, Minn.-Residents of the sleepy Minnesota town have revealed a theory that something mysterious and dark may have been going on for years. 

Adherents of the theory, which they are calling “The Barnmuda Triangle,” point out that there are too many people who are in town for a very short time, are kind of a big deal, and then suddenly just disappear. 

The theory recently surfaced in a town meeting when someone asked how Beth’s baby was doing. “Must be hard raising the baby without Stanley,” one attendee commented. As another attendee pointed out, no one has seen Beth or the baby since its birth, which others noted is weird considering the Ingalls were so buddy-buddy with them.

Some of the more extreme adherents of the theory think the Ingalls may have something to do with the Barnmuda Triangle. Noting that the Ingalls always seem to be best friends with these people shortly before their disappearance, some have even wondered if the Ingalls property itself could be the Barnmuda Triangle. “I’ve seen their property,” said one of the theory’s more involved followers, “and you know what kind of shape you get when you connect the house, the barn, and the outhouse? Yeah. A triangle.”

At press time, the town was wondering whatever happened to that one guy that made everyone switch their crops to corn that one time.