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Charles Ingalls Can’t Wait to See What Tragedies Lie Ahead in the New Year

Walnut Grove, Minn.-The New Year: a time to start fresh, set some goals, and reevaluate your life and ambitions. This time on the calendar marks a time when the old is gone and the new has arrived. It seems that anything is possible in the New Year, and one man in Walnut Grove couldn’t be more excited.

“I just love the New Year,” Charles Ingalls eagerly relates to The Prairie Review. “There are just endless possibilities. This town has seen so much tragedy since my family and I moved here, and I mean every type of tragedy–there’s been death, accidents, alcoholism, family problems, failed crops, fires…the list just goes on.”

“You name it, and the town has had it,” Charles added.

This New Year, Charles is particularly excited to put the past behind him and forge ahead. “I just can’t wait,” said a very excited Charles. “Now that we’re finally past all those tragedies from last year, it’s time to welcome some new ones. You just never know what kind of tragedy is around the bend in a town like this.” 

Adding that each tragedy carried a lesson, Charles adds that he is grateful that he decided to stick it out in Walnut Grove. “Yeah, a few years back I thought about packing up and leaving, giving up the farm and everything to go back to the Big Woods,” Charles says. “There was a big tornado that just took out my entire crop and killed that adorable little calf. I just up and decided to sell the farm, but boy am I glad things worked out like they did and I was able to stay here. Stuff like that, it really teaches you something about yourself, makes you not take a single day for granted. After all, if I had left then, just think about all the tragedies I would have missed.”

Not everyone in Walnut Grove feels that same. At press time, Jonathan Garvey was researching ways to fireproof his house, barn, and all his belongings.