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Ingalls Family Shocked to Learn Laura Had Remembrance Book All Along

Walnut Grove, Minn.-The Ingalls are surprised by Laura’s revelation of her remembrance book at the recent family Thanksgiving gathering.

It seems that despite frequent use of phrases such as “If I had a remembrance book” and “I would write about,” Laura in fact had a remembrance book and did write about everything.

“Sure as shootin’ I was surprised,” Charles Ingalls comments. “I didn’t even know Half Pint knew how to read or write when we left the big woods, and here she had a remembrance book about it! Plus it’s even more amazing when you think about the depth of her memory about things she hadn’t even witnessed, like when I walked one hundred miles from home to work. She knew all about Jack and Jacob and everything that happened in that rock quarry, even the small stuff.”

While Charles and his wife Caroline seemed impressed by Laura’s achievements, Mary, the couple’s eldest daughter, expressed dismay. “I can’t believe it,” Mary exclaimed, “I just can’t believe it! To learn after all these years, all those times we couldn’t even afford pencils and paper for school or, or, had to share paper that she had a remembrance book this whole time. For Laura to hide that from me, especially when she knew how badly I wanted my own paper tablet, it’s just such a breach of trust.” 

“I don’t know if I can believe anything Laura says anymore,” Mary muttered as she walked away.

Albert, the family’s recent acquisition turned adopted son, expressed mild annoyance.. “I guess it’s kind of fun hearing about these stories, but It was a little unfair that Laura totally monopolized the conversation,”  Albert tells The Prairie Review. “I lived on the streets and I have some pretty interesting stories to share. I guess they only count if you write them down in a secret remembrance book though.”

At press time, Mary was calculating how many sheets of paper Laura owed her from over the years while Adam napped. “I had a long day of listening to Laura talk about these remembrance books, then Mary complaining about them,” Adam reported. “Time for some shut eye.”