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Albert Dreams Pa A Legend Among Indigenous Peoples

Walnut Grove, Minn.- In an eventful dream that Albert Ingalls had during a daytime nap that preceded the Halloween party at Nellie’s, the boy reportedly dreamt that his adopted father, Charles Ingalls, was something of a legend in the Native American community.

Albert, who along with his sister, Laura, dressed as chiefs for Halloween, acquiesced to the nap that Caroline Ingalls forced the two teenagers to take after they had already put on their costumes and elaborate headdresses. In the dream, Albert and Laura were mistaken for real chiefs and quickly found themselves in a predicament. As Charles Ingalls worked with the army to help free his children, he narrowly avoided being attacked when he was quickly recognized.

“That man is Charles Ingalls,” one of the Native Americans is reported to have uttered in the dream, thereby thwarting the possibility of a violent attack and allowing Charles to approach the tribe on horseback. “He was a friend of my father’s,” the man continued.

When we pointed out to Albert that the man uttering this phrase in his dream was already pretty advanced in age, thereby implying that to have been a friend of his father’s, Charles would have had to have quite a history with the tribe which surely would have exceeded his time in the area, Albert simply shrugged. “Just because it hasn’t happened yet in real life doesn’t mean it won’t,”

Albert said as he turned away, quickly adding that the actual best part of the dream is that he couldn’t feel the pins from his headdress sticking in his head.

When we asked Charles Ingalls for his thoughts on the dream, Charles laughed uproariously.