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Town of People Who Walk Miles Every Day Too Lazy To Take Down Sign

Walnut Grove, Minn.-Sources reveal that in the same town in which inhabitants frequently traverse several miles a day by foot or otherwise engage in manual labor, not one person can be bothered to take down an outdated sign.

It seems that the site of the blacksmith shop still sports a sign indicating that Irv Hartwig is the blacksmith a year after this ceased being accurate. Furthermore, it is particularly shocking considering the tragedy and violence that Hartwig wrought upon Sylvia Webb which led to this vacancy.

Nels Oleson, proprietor of Oleson’s Mercantile, admits that the sign makes him a bit uncomfortable. “Sure, I thought it should be taken down right away,” Oleson tells us. “I meant to bring it up at a town meeting, but by the time Harriet was through with her nonsense, we didn’t have time left. I mentioned it to Doc Baker a couple of times, and he agreed that its presence is inappropriate.”

When asked why in a town that featured individuals constantly engaged in manual labor a moment could not be taken to remove the sign, Charles Ingalls admits that it slipped his mind. “When I’m working at the mill, I’m completely focused on filling orders,” Ingalls relates, adding with his trademark laugh that “now that you mention it, it would be a break to take the sign down!”

Residents also wondered how the town had been getting by without a blacksmith for over a year. “I wish someone would move to town just to be the new blacksmith,” Charles commented. “I might even consider selling my house to such a person if only they would be willing to move here to fill the role.”