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Mrs. Foster Unveils Twins

Walnut Grove, Minn.– The recent arrival of women’s rights activist Elizabeth Smith has caused quite a stir, the least of which is not the recent unveiling of Postmistress Foster’s twins.

The local woman who keeps the mail and telegraph service afloat recently revealed that she is in fact a mother to twins. When exactly she was pregnant, however, remains unclear.

“I always knew the woman was married,” Charles Ingalls reports. “I mean, it’s right there in her name—Mrs. Foster. But when was she pregnant? I get the mail from time to time, and working at the mill right across the street, you would think I would have noticed.”

When asked about the revelation that she has twins, Mrs. Foster tells us that the timing could not have been more perfect.

“I’ve been sitting on this for a while now,” Mrs. Foster commented. “I already felt like a progressive woman, what with having a job—and one that lets me in on people’s secrets to boot—when a lot of women’s husband won’t even let them have jobs. I mean, I heard about what happened with my predecessor, Alice. Anyway, as long as everyone in the town is talking about women’s rights, check me out: I am a married woman with a job AND twins. Do you hear that sound? That sound ringing in the distance? That’s me roaring.”

At press time, Harriet Oleson was commenting that it was just like country folk to secretly breed and then try to one up everyone.