The Prairie Review

Lars Hanson Schedules Retreat for Mill Employees

Walnut Grove, Minn.– Lars Hanson has scheduled a work retreat for the employees of Hanson Lumber Company. Lars, Charles Ingalls, and Isaiah Edwards will take a day off from processing orders for a day of team building activities.

“You know how they say,” Lars said, “all work and no play make Charlie a dull boy, yeah?” 

Charles Ingalls laughed uproariously in the way for which he is known. 

An employee relations expert from Sleepy Eye will deliver a key note speech entitled “How To Achieve Work-Life Balance When The Only Thing You Do Is Work.” As Lars points out, his employees spend all day working at the mill only to go home and plow their fields. “I worry that they don’t have any balance in their lives, that they don’t spend enough time with their families,” Lars commented. 

In addition to the keynote speaker, the mill employees will participate in a series of team building activities, including a hula hoop race, trust falls, and show and tell. “I just wish Yuli Pyatakov were still around for this,” Charles Ingalls said. “He would have really gotten a kick out of it!”

The Prairie Times reached out to Yuli for comment. Yuli said, “In America, this is a thing that you do? Play games at work?” An astonished Yuli added, “I love this country.”