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Heartwarming: Nine Year Old Girl and Middle Aged Banker Become Best Friends

Walnut Grove, Minn.- This small, tight-knit farming community just became a little more tight-knit.

In an unlikely pairing, nine year old Laura Ingalls has befriended Ebenezer Sprague, a newly arrived middle-aged banker. Reports indicate that Laura even calls Ebenezer her best friend.

“That is correct, she did call him her best friend,” Charles Ingalls, father of Laura, reports. “I knew throwing that in his face would really carry a lot of leverage when he accused Laura of just trying to butter him up to give me that loan. I mean, when a nine year old girl considers a middle aged man who just arrived in town her best friend, well, no one can question that. It’s such an unlikely best friendship that it’s nothing short of a miracle.”

Laura and Ebenezer have been fishing together regularly and it seems that Laura has even provided valuable enhancement to the man’s outdoor experience.

“At first I was annoyed by her, but then I realized that her tricks worked and I was catching fish,” Ebenezer comments. “When I realized she knew what she was talking about with fishing, I knew this friendship was meant to be. I don’t care if people think it’s weird that my best friend is a nine year old girl. In fact, it makes sense to me. I don’t want to be friends with people I do business with at the bank, so nine year girls are pretty much my only option.”

When asked if he found it at all alarming that his daughter latched onto a strange adult man immediately, Charles quickly brushed aside the concern. “Why in the world would I have an issue with it? Like I told Laura, you can’t be afraid to love because then what would be the point of living?”

At press time, Ebenezer was telling Laura and Jonah that their gold was fake. “This friendship is officially over,” Ebenezer tells The Prairie Review. “The minute she came in wanting to do a business transaction I knew the days of our friendship were rapidly coming to an end.”