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How can I watch Little House on the Prairie for FREE? Locast & CoziTV

Today is February 27, 2020 and in 2 days Amazon Prime will be removing the complete collection of Little House on the Prairie from its Prime Video Collection which is offered free to all Prime subscribers.  If you are like me, you love Prime and other streaming services but when something goes away, it hurts. Guest co-host, Leah Mitchell was telling me that she is a big fan of FRIENDS which was on Netflix for years but went away.  It will likely pop up again on the soon to be released PEACOCK NBC Streaming service but who wants another subscription?  THE OFFICE is also being pulled from Netflix to join PEACOCK which makes many want to cancel Netflix!

So anyway, back to the 1870s, I mean 1970’s!

Currently, Little House on the Prairie is available throughout the internet and is offered on several services to purchase but I have found a way for you to watch it for free everyday without breaking ANY laws and only using a free app. All you need is a device that can install the app and a decent internet connection! 

LoCast which is available on ROKU, FireTV, TiVo, AppleTV, Android and probably everything else!


Once you have the app installed and you verify your email address (again, no credit card is necessary but if you want you can make a small donation). You will see your local TV Stations and down the list you will find the CoziTV Network

What the heck is CoziTV?

The fine people at CoziTV are friends of Walnut GroveCast and reached out to me for a possible teaming up in the future.  I really love their network and they LOVE the Walnut GroveCast podcast so we will see where that goes 🙂 

This isn’t the ONLY way to watch LHOTP though! You can also find Little House on the Prairie Complete Series on sale from Vudu for about $40, eBay always has good deals on the box sets ($60ish), and Amazon WILL have the series available but you will need to purchase it.  I am unsure of the pricing on that.

Stuck?  Confused?  Annoyed?  Sad?  

Send me an email and I will see if I can help 🙂



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