The Prairie Review

Grange Sets Time Limit on Stirring Monologues

Chicago, Ill.-Following yet another stirring monologue by Charles Ingalls, the Grange has set time limits on the amount of time an audience member can speak.

“This guy keeps coming to the Grange and turning everyone against us,” according to a Grange representative who chose to remain anonymous. “Not only is he getting everyone turned against us and what we’re trying to get passed all the time, but he even gets the people so stirred up that they are apt to get up and walk out of the room. I mean, he’s effectively ending the conference. It’s not really acceptable.”

In addition to citing these reasons for the change, the Grange also pointed out that the time limit is necessary for scheduling purposes. “We line up speakers and give them allotted time slots,” the exasperated Grange representative told us. “If anyone in the audience monopolizes the time, well that cuts right into the speaker’s presentation. It’s really an insult for these speakers to have spent time preparing an entire presentation only to be cut short by some guy in the audience.”

“Not only that,” the rep continued, “but he keeps saying stuff about being ‘a stupid, dumb farmer.’ Like we’re supposed to listen to you when you admit you’re stupid?”

The Grange has set a time limit of sixty seconds for audience participation. Anyone who wishes to speak for longer than sixty seconds will have to apply as a speaker for the conference.