The Prairie Review

Charles Ingalls Punches Man, Cries, Laughs Uproariously

Walnut Grove, Minn.- In what is proving to be a common occurrence, Charles Ingalls punched a man and then cried. 

Townsfolk in Walnut Grove noticed the unusual behavior of Charles Ingalls shortly after he moved to the town with his family, and it has persisted–even intensified–to the present day. “His emotions really seem to be all over the place,” friend and work associate Jonathan Garvey tells us. “I remember when Alice and I almost got divorced, there we are just fighting in front of the judge, and what does Charles do? He laughs uncontrollably. We couldn’t help but get caught up and laugh along with him–it’s a pretty infectious laugh, after all–but looking back, it’s pretty weird.”

Caroline Ingalls considers herself lucky to have witnessed the latest instance of Charles punching a man and then crying as he embraced the individual almost immediately afterwards. Caroline tells The  Prairie Review that she remembers the first time she saw Charles pull the move that is affectionately known in the family as “the old punch and cry.” According to Caroline, “I was just a girl back then, and I saw Charles punch a classmate and then cry. I fell in love with him that moment. And I’ve loved him ever since. Every time Charles punches and then cries, it brings me back to that first moment and reminds me why I love him. It really carries me through the hard times.”

When The Prairie Review asked Charles about his signature move, Charles answered by laughing for ten minutes.