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Woman Enters Phase Of Life Where She Steals People’s Thunder

 Walnut Grove, Minn.– Recent reports indicate that a local woman has had a change of life.

Caroline Ingalls, wife of the upstanding and dependable Charles, has embarked upon the phase of life that all women face eventually: she is stealing people’s thunder.

“Well, now that Caroline is well into middle age, it’s not surprising,” Doc Baker informs us. “All women face it at one time or another. And Caroline has borne several children, after all.”

This new phase of life first became apparent when Laura excitedly drove to her childhood home where her husband, Almanzo, worked alongside his father-in-law. Laura had big news to share, which she of course thought nothing of sharing in front of her parents because they are, after all, the Ingalls family.

 “It was off season for farm reform camp, so when Charles asked if I could help him around the place, of course I said yes,” Almanzo informs us. “And of course this family is close—I mean, Beth shared her pregnancy news with me for the first time in front of her parents. I know they’re close, but do you think just once I could find something out before they do? Anyway, I was so excited to learn that Beth was expecting.”

It was this exciting time for the family that Caroline initially seized upon to start stealing thunder by announcing that she, too, was expecting a child.

According to Doc Baker, this sort of scenario is common. “When a woman gets to a certain age, she often confuses the symptoms she is having,” Doc Baker informs us. “While she may think she is pregnant, what she is really doing is entered the phase of life where she steals thunder, like she did here with Laura and Almanzo. Often, things will continue to escalate and the thunder stealing will get more extreme before things level off. Caroline is generally healthy, though, and I expect she’ll be back to her normal self in no time.”

At press time, Charles and Caroline were stealing a young couple’s thunder by renewing their vows at their wedding.