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Nels’ Sister Once Again Forgotten As Nels Calls Harriet’s Side of Family Fat

Walnut Grove, Minn.–Merely months after the town of Walnut Grove learned of Annabelle, sister of Nels Oleson who plays the fat lady for a circus, the woman has once again been pushed to the wayside and seemingly forgotten by Nels.

As Nellie Oleson lay distraught on her bed over the impending departure of Percival Dalton, she lamented that she was too tall upon Harriet Oleson’s admonishment that Nellie could not love Percival due to his height. In a way to absolve herself of any blame for Nellie’s tantrum, Harriet pointed out that her height is influenced by Nels’ side of the family, which apparently contains a number of tall people. Nels confirmed, adding that Harriet’s side of the family is fat.

We caught up with Nellie Oleson today after her wedding to Percival, where she confirmed her father’s choice of words and acknowledged that it was strange. “I was far too preoccupied to say anything at the time, but his sister plays the fat lady at the circus–not that there’s anything wrong with that, but how can he say that fatness is only on mothers side? And as long as we’re on the topic, why does everyone act like mother is fat? She isn’t really, you know.”

Charles Ingalls was far too preoccupied with trying to prevent his daughter from wedding a man ten years her senior until she turned eighteen to provide any commentary, but Jonathan Garvey confirms that Nels Oleson publicly recognized his sister at the circus. “Every family has issues,” Garvey tells us. “Lord knows my family sure has had some bumps in the road. I’m not one for stickin’ my nose where it don’t belong, but when Nels made a show of hugging his sister in front of the whole town, well, he made it everyone’s business.”

At press time, Percival was surprised to hear that Nellie had a relative that worked in the circus, seemingly forgetting that he in fact knew very little about Nellie before exchanging nuptials.