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Reverend Alden Takes Wife, Is Never Seen With Her Again

Walnut Grove, Minn.-Residents have recently realized that Reverend Alden’s wife has not been seen since the day the man of the cloth and widow exchanged nuptials.

“Well, I certainly remember it well, oh yes I do!” Harriet Oleson emphatically exclaims as she recounts the scandal that briefly rocked Walnut Grove until she was reminded that she has some scandals of her own as her ex-fiance arrived to quell the tension. “If I remembered my ex-fiance for twenty-three years, I’m certainly going to remember that Reverend Alden got married despite my best efforts.”

Although the drama surrounding the affair would seem to make it quite remarkable, people seem to have largely forgotten it until recently when the diocese gifted Reverend Alden a house. In our interview with Isaiah Edwards, he is surprised to learn that the Reverend had ever married. “A few years ago, you say? Well, I weren’t in Walnut Grove then, but given that the Rev and I have been so buddy-buddy lately, you think it would have came up. And why ain’t she here? Reverend’s getting a house and his wife ain’t here? Has the whole world gone loco?”

According to sources, Reverend Alden appears to have been in a married state when the women’s rights advocate was in town and he joined other displaced husbands in their quest for a meal. However, sources also recall that his wife has never been seen since the day of the wedding. 

“I’ve never seen her in church,” Laura Ingalls Wilder confirms. “It’ weird come to think of it, because church is of course how she met the Reverend. Then she marries a reverend just to never be seen in church again? It doesn’t add up.”

At press time, Isaiah Edwards remembered when Reverend Alden confessed a past drinking problem and wondered what other secrets he had up his sleeve.