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Eliza Jane Wonders What Albert Is Up To These Days

Minneapolis, Minn.-Following Eliza Jane’s colossal embarrassment with Harve Miller and her subsequent relocation, it seems that she has been wondering what Albert has been up to these days.

“I’ll never forget our dance at the church social,” Eliza Jane gushed. “He was just so very polite and sweet. Plus I was so flattered that he picked me to dance instead of someone his own age.”

While Eliza Jane firmly believes in maintaining professional distant relationships from her students, she observed that Albert “isn’t my student anymore. Now he’s just a nice young man who asked me to dance. That’s further than I’ve gotten with just about anyone, except Harve.”

A dark cloud passed over Eliza Jane’s expression as she recalled Harve. “What that situation really taught me,” Eliza Jane continued, “is that you can’t really trust most people. I really think I could trust Albert, though.”

Eliza Jane’s interest was further peaked when she heard rumors that Laura Ingalls, sister of the Albert in question, had told school bully Bart Slater that Albert loved Miss Wilder more than anything. “Looking back,” Eliza Jane mused, “I should have seen the signs right away. I mean, he wore a suit to school on my first day. Then Laura says he loves me more than anything. Then it’s only a matter of time until he works up the courage to ask me to dance at the church social. Just so very delightful!”

At press time, Eliza Jane pondered if she should send a letter to her brother and sister-in-law to feel out if Albert was seeing anyone.