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Man Who Recently Added Curtain to Loft Asserts That House Size Unrelated to Happiness

Walnut Grove, Minn.-Local man Charles Ingalls, who recently conceded to the necessity of a privacy curtain in the loft of his little house, maintains his sentiment that house size is unimportant.

The recent addition of Albert to the Ingalls clan, the event which prompted the curtain modification, has not swayed Charles from his commitment to an addition-free house. 

“Charles has promised additions in the past,” Caroline, Charles’ wife, confirms. “I was delighted to get a kitchen, but the additions just stopped there. I suppose Charles considers the curtain an addition. I guess it is, but it kind of seems like splitting hairs.”

While Charles is committed to his tiny house, we can concede that the open floor plan does make it seem more open than it otherwise would be. However, this concession comes at the price of familial privacy. While Albert lucked out and received a curtain–demonstrating that Charles is at least cognizant of the concept of privacy barriers and recognizes fabric as one means to achieve said barrier–Charles and Caroline’s marriage bed continues to occupy the same space as the small bed that Carrie has used since the advent of the little house with no barrier. As a result, Carrie is exposed to their “private” nighttime conversations, among other things.

Charles freely shares his thoughts about the ability of his family to remain happy in the tiny, non-barriered space. Recently, Giles Kendall, father to Adam Kendall, Charles’ son-in-law, visited Walnut Grove upon hearing that Adam’s wife and Charles’ eldest daughter, Mary, had become pregnant. Giles planned to move Adam and Mary to New York City, where he pointed out that the many amenities would benefit a child. Charles, however, quickly pointed out that happiness cannot be measured by the size of one’s house. While his priority of valuing his family above material things is commendable, it almost seems as though Charles loves to grasp these opportunities to point it out just to remind himself, his family, and anyone who will listen that it is totally conceivable that he, a man who works at a lumber mill, would be so reluctant to expand his house or add walls, even in the face of additional children acquired via both birth and adoption.

At press time, Carrie was scrounging the floor for stray popcorn from Charles and Caroline’s nightly ritual.