The Prairie Review

Charles Ingalls To Host Farm Reform Camp

Walnut Grove, Minn.- Citing his many successes with reforming people’s problems by making them work on his farm, Charles Ingalls has decided to host The Charles Ingalls Farm Reform Camp next summer. Registration is now open and due by May 15th, although as Ingalls notes, there is not a problem if people who wish to attend miss the deadline.

“The deadline is really just a formality to make this seem legitimate,” Ingalls informs us. “Really, anyone can just show up at the camp and I will allow them to attend. In fact, anyone can show up at my farm any time and I will happily show them how manual labor will fix all of their problems.”

Ingalls notes that there are no limits to the issues that manual labor can solve. “I’ve had success with a wide variety of cases,” Ingalls notes. “There was that time that I reformed an abusive alcoholic father—one of my first real successes. I not only made him give up the bottle, but I healed his relationship with his son as well. I also turned the Oleson’s pansy troublemaker of a nephew into a real upstanding citizen and helped the Davenport’s violent grandson heal from the childhood trauma that caused his problems.”

“Did I mention that each one of these cases featured an improvement in family relationships?” Ingalls adds. “There’s nothing that a few callouses on the hands can’t fix.”

At press time, Nels Oleson was speaking with Charles about enrolling his wife Harriet in the camp.