A couple changes AND a gift is on the way for Patreon supporters!

Hey all!
In the past 6 months we have released 24 weekly episodes but will be returning to a bi-weekly schedule beginning on or around the first week of December! We may return to a weekly format in the future but right now I am so swamped with work and simply can’t keep up. 
Also, in the first week of December there will be a small package delivered to the doorstep of ALL $5+ Patreon Supporters (All who have joined in the past 3 months) but don’t worry if you aren’t on that list because there will also be a Christmas/Holiday mailing sent out to every supporter regardless of support level.  Around here, everyone gets something!
I can’t thank all of you enough for your continuous support and I look forward to not only releasing tons of new episodes throughout 2021 but also creating new items to send to you! I still have a few ideas I am trying to pull off for the Holiday Mailing so stay tuned.
PS – please share this podcast with your friends, leave us reviews and if you have an idea or suggestion please reach out to me at mark@walnutgrovecast.com. 

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