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Worst Part of Ma’s Vacation is Seeing Little House Made Fancy

Walnut Grove, Minn.– Contrary to popular belief, neither watching someone else’s kids nor blowing up the town constituted the worst part of Caroline Ingalls’ recent vacation in Walnut Grove.

Caroline and her husband, Charles, recently visited Walnut Grove when Charles’ job granted him an extended vacation. Excited to visit their old town, the Ingalls were even more excited to have an opportunity to stay in their old home. 

“Watching someone else’s kids on vacation, well, it may not be ideal for some,” Caroline comments. “The trip certainly wasn’t as romantic as it could have been, but Charles and I are used to that. Just look that second honeymoon trip we went on to Mankato. When you really think about it, watching someone else’s kids really made this like the third honeymoon trip.” Caroline Ingalls is nothing if not caring, tender, and generous.

Since Caroline has no apparent problem with watching someone else’s kids while on vacation, one would logically assume that the actual worst part of the vacation occurred when the town got together with some dynamite and blew it up, but as Caroline reveals, that was not the case.

“Sure, blowing up the entire town was a little sad,” according to Caroline, “but what really bothered me on this trip was seeing how the little house was decorated.”

Since the Carter family inhabited the little house upon the relocation of the Ingalls family, Sarah Carter has implemented a number of decorative improvements, which include but are not limited to a rug, curtains, china cabinet, and an actual bookshelf with actual books on it.

“I loved how the house was like a fresh slate,” Sarah tells The Prairie Review. “It was just perfect for adding a few touches and making it really seem like home while maintaining the rustic vibe.”

Caroline, however, is not so impressed.

“The most exciting thing that happened to me in the way of home improvements in this house was when I got the kitchen with the water pump,” Caroline relates. “Very functional, but not very decorative. The only curtain the house ever saw was that black fabric Charles put up in the loft when Albert moved in. And a rug? How fancy do these Carters need to be?”

Caroline always contented herself with the house her husband provided, but she admits it is difficult to bear the sight of it made cute. 

At press time, Caroline was musing that houses with rugs and curtains blow up just as easily as any.