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New Sources Suggest Failure to Cite Source as Cause of John Jr.’s Death

Chicago, Ill.– New sources suggest that John Sanderson, Jr.’s death may have been caused by failure to properly cite a source.

“When I heard, well I was simply shocked,” John’s boss at the newspaper tells us. “The boy was always so sharp, always had the best articles. Why, I just assumed that he would never commit such a heinous crime as passing off information he had obtained elsewhere as though it were his own.”

When The Prairie Review reached out to John’s father, Isaiah Edwards, for commentary about the new reveal, Isaiah admitted that he did not understand. “Source? What do you mean source?” Isaiah exclaimed, continuing that “the source is his brain! That’s the source. You don’t need no other source than that, not when you’re as smart as that boy.”

While John’s use of information without proper citation led to his untimely death, it is not without a silver lining. There are rumors circulating of a manual that is projected to soon be in the works that will provide a consistent system of citation for all types of sources. “We are really very excited,” developers at the University of Chicago tell us. “We really think it’s going to be extremely helpful in avoiding such tragedies in the future. We think historians in particular are really going to love it.

The Prairie Review reached out to Mary Kendall, John’s former fiancée, for commentary on his untimely death. Mary simply shrugged and said, “sometimes it’s best to let bye Johns be bye Johns.