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Nels Oleson Starting To Regret Offering More Window Panes For Charles

Walnut Grove, Minn.– Recent reports indicate that Nels Oleson feels pangs of regret after offering additional cuts of glass to Charles Ingalls on an as-needed basis.

While Nels originally found Charles’ desire to perform an upgrade on the Little House commendable, he now understands that some people maybe just aren’t meant to have nice things.

“You know, I probably sound a little like Harriet here,” Nels says of his feelings about the matter, “but when she’s right, she right. Maybe there is a reason families like the Ingalls don’t have nice things.”

It seems that Charles recently decided to replace one of the windows in his house with a picture window. After he picked up the pane at the mercantile, however, things quickly turned south.

“At first when Charles purchased the pane for the picture window, I thought to myself ‘well, it’s about time,’” Nels informs The Prairie Review. “Charles is a very nice man, but frankly it’s always been a bit puzzling that he’s so handy and works so hard repairing buildings and furniture for others, and yet fails to work on his own house. Well, there was the kitchen, but Uncle Chris—yeah, I call him Uncle, what are you going to do about it?— took care of most of that. Anyway, I suppose Charles is probably too tired from working to improve his own home, so I was happy to sell him the pane for the picture window and offered to cut him another if he needed it. I pride myself on exemplary service after all.”

The service upon which Nels prided himself would quickly become a thorn in his side as Charles repeatedly returned to purchase panes after various circumstances involving his daughter, Laura, led to their shattering. 

“Finally, when he came back for what was it, the third time? I tried to be upbeat about it,” Nels continues. “I cracked a little joke, a nice little pun, about how the window must be a real pain. Did Charles even laugh? No! And I don’t understand why not. It was a masterful pun after all.”

At press time, Nels was starting to think maybe Harriet was right for her tough business dealings with the farmers of the community.