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Caroline Ingalls Reveals Secret Best Friends

Walnut Grove, Minn.– Recent events surrounding local blind artist Annie Crane  took many surprising turns, the most shocking of which was the revelation that Caroline Ingalls had secretly been harboring the family as her best friends.

Residents of Walnut Grove confirm that even though Caroline had never mentioned the Crane family, she quickly championed Annie’s cause and took point on making all the arrangements to set events in motion. Caroline remained a key player, even going so far as to act as a liaison between Annie and the Sleepy Eye art dealer. 

When asked about developments, Caroline’s husband, Charles, confirmed that Caroline’s depth of involvement was news to him as well. “I hadn’t ever heard her even mention the family, so when she asked if she could borrow the wagon to drive them to Sleepy Eye for an art exhibit, well sure I was surprised,” Charles commented. “Then again, it’s not that unusual for our family to become really involved in a family’s life like we’re lifelong friends for only a short time and then never speak of them again. I guess the Ingalls ways have really taken root with Caroline. For her to go off independently on her mission with this family for just a short time, well, it’s heartwarming to see.”

Meanwhile, Harriet Oleson fumed at Caroline’s involvement. “Imagine, just abandoning her shifts at the restaurant while my Nellie is pregnant!” Harriet exclaimed.  “This is certainly an unacceptable interference with Nellie’s orders from me to do absolutely nothing.”

In perhaps the ultimate application of what some townspeople have taken to calling the Ingalls Method, Caroline played an instrumental role in reuniting Annie Crane with her ill mother who had previously abandoned Annie as an infant, another proud moment for Charles. “I was so pleased by that,” Charles informed The Prairie Review. “Her strategy could use some work–for example, I usually throw in some farm labor to produce quick and effective reconciliation results–but Caroline really demonstrated that she has what it takes to insert yourself into someone’s and make things happen.”

When asked for her comments, Caroline shrugged it off. “It was no big thing, really,” Caroline told us. “I was just looking for a little variety.”