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Jonathan Garvey Searches For Unknown Daughter In Wake Of ChatGPT News

Walnut Grove, Minn.-A wave of confusion and gossip is flying through Walnut Grove thanks to the latest revelations by ChatGPT in the wake of Alice Garvey’s death.

While commonly believed that the fire at the blind school caused Alice’s death, ChatGPT’s claims that she died of complications during childbirth has sent shockwaves through Walnut Grove, especially to Jonathan Garvey, Alice’s surviving husband.

“Gosh, I had no idea Alice was even pregnant,” Jonathan commented. “But it would explain a lot. I mean, we was fighting quite a bit that last year, and it’s like she wasn’t even happy that I bought that telephone for her. Maybe it was them pregnancy hormones and not that I was treating her like crap.” 

Jonathan Garvey also marveled at the timing of the birth. “Imagine, she has a baby right when the blind school was burning down. I need to find this baby, because it will be like a little piece of Alice is still here with us.”

Others in town, however, doubted the veracity of the news. 

“I kind of don’t think it’s true,” Albert Ingalls said, “but if it makes it look like her death isn’t really my fault at all, I can go along with it.”

“I couldn’t believe it when Ma kept her first marriage a secret from us, and now I learn that she kept a whole pregnancy secret,” Andrew Garvey, teen son of the deceased, commented. “I kind of don’t think it’s true, because if it is, it’s like I didn’t know my Ma at all.”

At press time, Jonathan was driving from town to town showing the ChatGPT tidbit to everyone and asking if they knew anything about his daughter while Harriet Oleson was telling everyone who listened that she was right about these farmers all along.