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Prankster With Little Regard For Environment Litters

Walnut Grove, Minn.-Recent reports following a prank Laura Ingalls executed have townsfolk in Walnut Grove noticing that the girl apparently cares little for the environment.

The prank involved making cinnamon chicken for Laura’s new crush, Almanzo Wilder, and Nellie Oleson. Harriet Oleson arranged a date between the two and Laura jumped at the chance to help. Although Laura’s version of help ended up being a substitution of cinnamon with cayenne pepper, bystanders note that she helped the environment even less.

Caroline Ingalls confirms the littering incident. “I found the wrapper from the cayenne pepper that Laura just carelessly tossed aside,” Caroline reports. “Quite frankly, I was taken aback. This is such a selfish and careless action. Plus what if our cow ate it?”

Harriet Oleson indicates that she always knew Laura was a trouble maker. “Well, this is just the icing on the cake!” Harriet exclaims. “I’m not at all surprised that monster would litter. After all, look what she just did to my Nellie!”

Although Laura has since apologized to Nellie and Almanzo, she still has one big apology she has been remiss in making.

“She needs to apologize to Mother Nature,” Albert Ingalls asserts. “I’m all for pulling pranks on people like Nellie, but you need to be responsible.”

At press time, Laura was saying that if all dresses came with pockets, maybe littering wouldn’t be such an issue.