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Money Crop

Kelly Mielke returns to Walnut GroveCast to help me tackle this episode about taking chances. We discuss how Charles is the ultimate smooth talker for a MLM scheme, how feisty Mary is the best Mary and how the toy rocking chair is kind of creepy! So much is packed into this episode and I hope you enjoy it!

“Fearing a swindle, angry Walnut Grove farmers vent their frustration on the anxious, pregnant wife of the man who promised them a good deal on hybrid corn and then doesn’t show up with the grain as agreed, unaware that an accident has overturned his fully-loaded wagon and left him lying seriously injured down a steep slope, just out of sight of the road.”

Money Crop originally aired on February 19, 1975


Kelly and Mark have another podcast which discusses everything about the 1990’s television show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman!
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The opening song “Albert” is written and performed by the amazing Norwegian band, Project Brundlefly and is used with permission.
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