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Man In Top 1% of Law School Class Fails To Get Job Offer In Writing

Sleepy Eye, Minn.– A man who claims to have finished law school in the top one percent of his class has failed to obtain written confirmation of a job offer.

After miraculously regaining his sight and then completing law school, Adam Kendall returned to Sleepy Eye, where he expected to find a job waiting for him in the law office of Attorney Arthur Davis. Davis, however, hired another attorney rather than wait for Adam to complete law school.

“If you ask me, he failed my screening process when he didn’t even ask for any proof of a job offer,” Davis informs The Prairie Review. “Does he really expect me to believe that he finished in the top one percent of his class when he doesn’t even ask for an extremely basic contract? He may have done well in school, but welcome to the real world, pal.”

Adam’s wife, Mary, expresses disappointment in her husband. “My disappointment is two-fold, really. Not only did we learn that he didn’t have this job waiting for him, but now I need to give up being a teacher at the blind school. I guess it will be nice to be near my family again. Then again, there are drawbacks to that, like Carrie. Anyway, I can’t believe Adam is so trusting. I guess it’s one of the traits of his I admire the most, but after his father basically abandoned him when he became blind, it’s surprising that he is still so quick to trust.”

Hester Sue Terhune, on the other hand, is extremely annoyed with Adam. “He expects everyone to believe he had a job waiting for him here in Sleepy Eye,” Terhune comments exasperatedly. “Not one of us heard this conversation he allegedly had with this man Davis. And it’s not like there’s a contract to prove it. All because Adam believed he could trust a job would be waiting for him from a man that, let’s be honest here, he hardly even knew. And now he doesn’t have that job and he’s just leaving the blind school and taking Mary with him. Does he think I’m happy to run this place by myself? We all know Houston isn’t  that much help.”

The Prairie Review reached out to Charles Ingalls for commentary on his daughter’s impending return to Walnut Grove. “I think it’s fantastic,” Charles exclaimed. “Ordinarily I would say that a little bit of farm labor would straighten this Davis fellow out, teach him to be a man of his word, but I’m excited to have Mary back, so I’m not even going to mention it.”

At press time, reports indicate that Adam was rarely seen him doing his job at the blind school, anyway.