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Ingalls Vacation in Town Where They Have Tons of Baggage

Walnut Grove, Minn.- Recent reports indicate that Charles and Caroline Ingalls have returned to Walnut Grove, a small town in which they experienced many tragedies, to escape their everyday lives in their new home of Burr Oak, Iowa.

Hardworking Charles, small town farmer turned big city salesman, recently received the reward of an extended vacation from his job. While some hardworking men might enjoy spending their vacations either at home with their families or visiting a place they perhaps haven’t been before, Charles decided to forget about his children and take his wife on a weeks long trip back to the small town where they experienced tragedy after tragedy.

“Well, sure, staying with the family could have been nice,” Charles acknowledged, “but as soon as I heard Aunt Tess was coming to visit and after having a nice public fight with Caroline about it, we realized there were only two reasonable options: forget about the kids and return to our former home, a place where we endured a number of unspeakable tragedies. We lost a son there, we lost a grandson, we lost Jack, we lost crop after crop there–eventually we just couldn’t make it work there– and now we’re taking a vacation there.”

The Ingalls children were slightly outraged to learn they had been left with Aunt Tess while their parents took care of the Carter kids, who the kids say they “barely know.”

At press time, Charles and Caroline were playing a central role in blowing up Walnut Grove. “Boy, it feels good to let off some steam after working so hard,” Charles commented.