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For the Love of Blanche

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Walnut GroveCast
For the Love of Blanche

Episode 124

Kim Layer joins me to review one of the most difficult and strange episodes in the Little House in the Prairie Universe!

Monkey love!

Monkey Farts!

Monkey Drunk!

This amazingly strange episode was a blast to review – I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

For the Love of Blanche originally aired on Monday, March 7, 1983 

“On his way back from Sleepy Eye, Isaiah Edwards meets up with a dying old man, whose last request is for Isaiah to take care of his 3-year-old Blanche. It isn’t until later that Isaiah realizes that this “little girl” is actually an orangutan! Most of Walnut Grove is happy to welcome Blanche into their community, but the trouble starts when Harriet Oleson gets involved.”

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The opening song “Albert” is written and performed by the amazing Norwegian band, Project Brundlefly and is used with permission.
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