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Even Isaiah Edwards Thinks It’s Time To Give Up Braids

Walnut Grove, Minn.-It appears that Isaiah Edwards, who recently desired death following a tragic accident, made the effort to suggest that Laura Ingalls is getting too old for braids.

In a recounting of the recent visit Charles Ingalls and his daughter, Laura, paid their old family friend, Laura mentioned in an off handed way that Mr. Edwards had commented on the fact that she was still wearing braids. 

“What a weird thing to say, huh?” Laura commented as she braided her hair one morning.

The Prairie Review reached out to Isaiah Edwards to confirm the conversation and get his side of the story. Here’s what Isaiah had to say:

TPR: Hi, Mr. Edwards. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Is it true that you told Laura that she is too old to be wearing her hair in braids?

IE: Well, I didn’t say them words exactly, but yeah, sure, I thought it. I mentioned that she was still wearing braids because it seems a little weird. She ain’t no little spring anymore–she’s got to be nearing sixteen years old. 

TPR: Did Laura provide a reason she’s still wearing braids?

IE: She kind of brushed past it.

TPR: And that’s not what you were hoping for?

IE: Well, not exactly. I just figured she ought to know. A girl gets to be a certain age, she ought to know these things. Say, you wouldn’t happen to have any of that there medicine that’s actually booze, do you?

TPR: No, we don’t. Sorry.

 IE: Anyway, I thought maybe there was some reason, like maybe Charles wanted to keep her young forever. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a hard time letting go of half pint.

TPR: Charles is pretty jealous of Almanzo.

IE: Almanzo? Who the heck is Almanzo?

TPR: We better get some of that medicine first.