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AITA? Prairie Edition

Walnut Grove, Minn.– Welcome back to another Prairie edition of AITA! Today, we hear from a local young man, Albert, about a situation he recently faced with his newly adopted brother, James. Here’s what Albert had to say:

Recently, me (M15ish) and my family (various ages and genders), have been going through a big adjustment. James (M, like 10?) and Cassandra (F, like 8 or something?) joined our household after their parents were killed in a tragic accident. Now, I’m no stranger to tragedy and I, too, am an adoptee of the Ingalls family. So it’s not that I’m not sympathetic to the situation or anything, but it’s just been so crowded at our house lately. As many people already know, the Ingalls house is tiny. Pa built it for his family when it was just him and Ma and three young girls, but now the house has so many more people living in it.

Anyway, that brings me to the issue at hand. We’ve been having conflict because of the small shared space, plus James ALWAYS wants to be around me. He stole my razor, broke it, and then stole one from the mercantile to replace it. When Pa confronted him, he ran away. I ran after him and when I found him, he told me he “did bad things.” I did convince him through my wily ways to rejoin the family, but now I’m being told that I am the AH for letting James tell me he did bad things without even mentioning that I burned down the blind school when I smoked in the basement. I don’t think so because that was like a year and a half ago, but am I wrong?

Here’s what the townsfolk had to say:

Charles: No, I don’t think you’re in the wrong here, son. I told you then that I loved you and that absolved everything. We all make mistakes, and this was James’ mistake. I still love both of you and you’re both still wanted in our crowded little house.

Mary: You’re a little bit of TA here. My baby died in that fire, you know.

Laura: From my perspective, ESH. I mean, that house was tiny with just me, Mary, and Carrie. Now Ma and Pa are taking on all these kids, and I don’t blame them, it’s just—well, what did they think would happen? And could you be on time for school at least once this week?

The Ghost of Alice Garvey: Albert, you are totally TA here. I can forgive you for your role in the fire that took my life, because after all, we do all make mistakes. I mean really, now that I’ve been dead a while and had some time to think it over, I could have been a little more strategic in my actions. For example, why didn’t I pick up Mary’s baby and then help the little boy out of the bathroom so we could all leave at the same time? Why did I first help him and then go get the baby when the fire was already so far progressed that I would then be trapped and have to use the baby to break the window? Anyway, these are the kinds of things I’ll spend eternity pondering.

Hester Sue: Albert, you’re the AH for three reasons. First, you could have just told me you had been smoking down there and I would have been cool about it. Second, you could have comforted James with the knowledge that he’s not the only one who does bad things. And third, you’ve never even once mentioned how remarkable it is that I didn’t even burn my hand on that hot door knob when I opened the basement to find your little fire down there. These hands have worked hard in the kitchen and it shows.

James: Albert, you are TA. It would have been really nice to know very specifically how you messed up and that Pa still loved you. It would have given me confidence to know that Pa will still love me, plus I would have a gauge to know just how much I can get away with.