Walnut GroveCast – Back to School Part 2

The Little House on the Prairie Podcast: Walnut GroveCast
Walnut GroveCast - Back to School Part 2

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Walnut GroveCast – Episode 17
#nelliepalooza continues! Laura, Albert and Carrie are beginning a new school year and many changes are in store on the 6th season of Little House on the Prairie
Nellie graduates from school and becomes the reluctant owner of a hotel and restaurant. The new characters of Almanzo and Eliza Jane Wilder enter in as the new School Teacher and the love of Laura’s life.

Charles injures himself and Caroline goes to work as a cook in Nellie’s restaurant.

Laura and Nellie are at their competitive best for Almanzo’s affections, with Harriet helping by pressuring him into dinner with her daughter. Because neither she nor Nellie can cook, Laura is all too willing (with ulterior motives) to prepare Almanzo’s favorite dish for her.

In a hurry to grow up and win Almanzo’s heart. Laura believes she will officially be an adult if she can pass her school and teachers exams. In only an optimism that Charlie Brown trusting Lucy to hold that football can understand, Laura asks Nellie for help.

This episode climaxes with mud wrestling, a couple of punches in the face and Laura’s realization that although she is approaching womanhood, like all of us, in many ways she is still a little girl, and no

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