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Marvin’s Garden

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Marvin's Garden
Cristina Pederson returns to the show to discuss this episode that may as well have been a different series. This is the second time in this shortened season that Jenny almost drowns and is saved by Jeb Carter. This time, though, it was an accident and she suffers injury. Because of lack of oxygen, her body is weakened and her speech is affected. Laura and Almanzo are told there’s nothing more the doctors can do, so they bring her home.

Almanzo wants to push Jenny, but Laura wants to coddle her. Jenny finally starts spending time with a doctor recently forced into retirement because of his eyesight. Under his loving care, Jenny becomes stronger. He announces it’s time for her to return to school, but school is a lot harder than she ever expected!

Marvin’s Garden originally Aired on January 3, 1983

The opening song “Albert” is written and performed by the amazing Norwegian band, Project Brundlefly and is used with permission.
Check them out at:

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