The Waltons Podcast is coming!

I have been asked more times than I would like to count, “Why don’t you cover the Waltons?”.  While I was always flattered, I never understood the love and devotion from the fans of The Waltons, that is until recently. I began watching through the show episode by episode and by the time I got to The Deed, I was hooked! Oddly enough, The Deed aired on the day I was born! If you are familiar with my podcast, Walnut GroveCast you will know what to expect in terms of the love, humor and seriousness I put into each episode – you will also understand that I take reviewing and discussing these shows VERY seriously and you can expect the best quality!

Please stay tuned because The Waltons Podcast is coming this autumn and we have over 200 episodes to discuss!

Want to reach out to me to discuss any and all aspects of the podcast? email me at