Bonnetheads Podcast: Episode 3

Bonnetheads Podcast: Episode 3

In this episode of Wagon Talks we talk to 12 year old listener Josie as well as with Gerald Lange from The OSI Files Podcast!

Josie talks about how she watched ALL 9 Seasons of Little House in the past year and how the show has helped her through some serious family matters. Gerald talks about his love of Little House which goes back to his childhood as well as his love of Laura Ingalls Wilders’ books! 

I don’t know about all of you but I am LOVING this interviews and discussions!  I hope if you have an interest in coming on you reach out to me to discuss your own Little House on the Prairie memories and thoughts

Thank you to Josie and Gerald for taking the time to speak with me about their own views, memories and opinions about Little House on the Prairie


Special Thanks to John Mapes Music for allowing me to use his excellent cover song in the episode! 
You can watch his hilarious Little House Tribute here
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