Bonnetheads 18: Highway to Heaven Review

Bonnetheads 18: Highway to Heaven Review

Kelly from the Dr. QuinnCast Podcast joins me to discuss a super entertaining Highway to Heaven episode! For the past couple of months Kelly has shared how many LHOTP actors have made their way onto Highway to Heaven and Lydia shared a document that she created a couple years ago where she tracked this trend!  Let’s just say, it’s a lot! 

I am always ready to dive into a discussion and I thought Bonnetheads would be a fun place to discuss the show. 

What do you think about covering shows that actors from LHOTP worked on? There is a lot of stuff planned for this idea and you can expect some more Highway to Heaven as well.  I hope you enjoy this throwback to the 80’s

Change of Life
Highway to Heaven: Season 2, Episode 15
Originally aired on January 29, 1986

While working for Linda Blackwell, a beautiful movie star with a very low opinion of men, Mark and Linda both wish “to God” that each could have the other’s life … with the result that “The Boss” takes them at their word and switches Mark and Linda into each other’s bodies.”

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Special Thanks to John Mapes Music for allowing me to use his excellent cover song in the episode! 
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